Meet Graham and Judy

Creators and Developers of the InnerSite Program

About The Mastery Centre

The Mastery Centre has long been the dream of Graham Wiseman and Judy MacLeod. It is a place where people come to learn more about themselves in a safe and compassionate environment.

Graham and Judy are themselves lifelong learners and as such, they bring the very latest tools and ideas, along with over 40 years of combined experience, to their practice.

Graham and Judy have believed for a long time that a “one size fits all” approach to healing is often ineffective. They have created a program, unique to The Mastery Centre, called “InnerSite". The focus of this program is to offer clients a shift in perspective about what is going on in their bodies and lives. The most important aspect of InnerSite is that every client is taught the tools they need to create a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

Clients are welcome to work with both Judy and Graham or either of them individually. Graham and Judy have experience working with individuals, couples, and children. They love to work together as a team.

Meet Graham Wiseman

Graham came to the field of holistic healing through his own healing journey. Having experienced stress many times throughout his life, Graham sought alternative therapies and practices as the result of going through his own “Dark Night of the Soul” in 2003. Finding little relief from traditional medicine and medication, he was determined to find an alternate path to healing. What started as an attempt to relieve his own symptoms became a fascinating journey of discovery culminating in an epiphany in early 2007.

Throughout this amazing journey of discovery Graham studied Coaching, Reiki, Quantum-Touch®, Native American practices, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT and TFT (also known as “tapping”), CranioSacral Therapy, Total Body Modification, and The LifeLine Technique tm (where Graham became one of the first 30 practitioners ever to certify). Graham also studied with a variety of practitioners and healers, learning as much as he could about these alternative approaches to healing.

Graham is the author of a number of published articles and a contributor to the Passwords Book Project, created by Mimi Publishing. The book “Passwords: Passing on Words of Wisdom and Hope” is a compendium of stories of how each of the contributors overcame significant challenges in their lives.

Graham came to his current career from the field of Hi-Tech where he was an accomplished project manager, consultant, software developer, coach and facilitator. Graham is well-versed in the stresses and demands of working in such environments and this allows him to build rapport quickly with those still working in high stress environments.

Meet Judy MacLeod

Judy is extremely grateful for the amazing clients she has had the privilege to work with over the past years.

Judy’s interest in learning, development, and health became her lifelong passion at a very early age leading to her formal studies at the Universities of Toronto, Western, Brock, and York. As a former teacher specializing in behaviour and learning, Judy has had a fascinating career working with children who otherwise would not have been able to attend school, either because of extreme behaviour, health issues, or learning challenges.

She taught in the Waterloo Region of Ontario, where she pioneered one of the first “clean” classrooms in the world for environmentally challenged children. Her work was studied by Dr. Doris Rapp, from Buffalo NY, a leading expert in Environmental Illness. Teaching these children gave Judy the opportunity to study with experts in the field of learning where her interest and enthusiasm for Educational Kinesiology became a major focus for her work.

Judy has explored many healing modalities to find answers for the children in her classes who had been diagnosed with Environmental Illness. Each child presented a new opportunity to find the keys to unlock learning. Her interest in alternative approaches to wellness and learning led Judy to investigate many fields of energy work. She became a Touch for Health instructor, studied Advanced Educational Kinesiology with Dr. Paul Dennison - creator of Brain Gym. Judy’s sensitivity to the land and to spaces and places drew her next to study with Helen Williams in Toronto and to become a Feng Shui Consultant. She has worked privately with clients in their homes, businesses, and even classrooms, eventually teaching this work to others.

Drawn next to study formally with Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers, founder of the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing in New Hampshire, Judy became a Certified Intuitive Healer tm and Holistic Healing Coach specializing in Spiritual Coaching. This work provided her with a greater insight into the gifts that were waiting to be discovered within a person’s body and life.

As an avid learner and teacher, Judy studied next with Dr. Darren Weissman of Chicago, developer of the LifeLine Technique tm, and became one of the first 100 Certified LifeLine Practitioners (CLPs).

Judy's most recent achievement is as a Certified Oracle Guide, as taught by Colette Baron-Reid. Ask Judy to help you ignite your Magic within.

As a lifelong learner, Judy’s commitment is apparent through her continued study in this ever-exciting field of energy therapy. Join her on the most “amazing journey to the awakening of your spirit”!


"Graham and Judy are the perfect blend of energy for revolutionary healing. They have helped our family immensely. We have been doing sessions for a couple of years now and have noticed huge shifts in every aspect of our lives: health, family, and careers. They truly work flawlessly together, one picking up where the other leaves off. By using their unique individual gifts they allow a space for amazing transformation. With the help of them I have been able to flourish in my relationship with my kids. I now show up as a mom who is way more grounded, aligned, and on purpose. I would highly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone who is looking for help in any area of their life that isn’t bringing them happiness. I know that first call for us truly changed our lives for the better!
Much Infinite Love and Gratitude"

~ Crystal Hughes, RPC, Kamloops, BC

"Judy MacLeod is an eclectic Healer. Her years of experience and enthusiasm for learning new material are integrated into her sessions. It is a privilege to receive a Balance with Judy. One feels empowered, gains understanding of their situation and learns how to take responsibility for their well-being when working with Judy. Her gentle, caring and non-judgmental approach makes the experience safe and fun."

~ Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, Holistic Practitioner, Brantford, ON

"When you embark on a LifeLine session and share with Graham the feelings you are experiencing he actively and intently listens, makes you feel that there is endless time dedicated especially for you and carefully orchestrates the path of healing. He is compassionate, tender and exhibits loving wisdom. He intuitively assesses what he sees and feels is going on with you and gently guides you through an emotional journey to the core of all that is experissing through you at the time. His precise wording depicts and expresses exactly what you feel but had difficulty connecting to it in words. He has a gift of turning all the pain, suffering and blockage around to infinite gratitude, forgiveness and understanding. You walk away feeling renewed, energetic and filled with a great desire to move forward in confidence and Love.

Graham’s tone of voice and wise choice of words speak to the heart. He knows what and how to say it with love, understanding and respect. You feel safe, protected and validated without ever connecting to a victim energy. His compassion and love sustain you during the challenging parts of the sessions and he assertively guides you right into it but somehow, through it. All the energy that had been causing you intense pain dissipated easily, effortlessly and lovingly. You find yourself having love for yourself, letting go and forgiving. There is so much that becomes healed during a session that you feel layers shedding and new Light coming in.

You become empowered and more self-radiant following a session with Graham. The immense understanding that flows into your life is the wonderful gift that nourishes your soul and the new you. Graham is a catalyst in the birth of a more peaceful, self-confident, loving you. Thank you Graham for having the courage to step forward as a practitioner and creating a safe space for us to heal and reveal the Infinite Love and Gratitude within each one of us!"

~ Andrea Cerutti, Ottawa, ON

"I had the pleasure of meeting Graham in April of 2008 when we were both taking our first CranioSacral Therapy course. There was just something about Graham that drew me to him. I was instantly curious to try out this LifeLine Technique he spoke about. Well, it’s 7 years later and I’ve received over a dozen LifeLine sessions that have had such a profound effect on my life it’s hard to put into words. Graham, I cannot thank you enough for coming into my life and helping me get to where I am today. I am so grateful for both you and Judy."

~ Bree Bouvier Gervais, RMT, Ottawa, ON

“Graham and Judy have a great depth of compassion and a wonderful wealth of knowledge in the healing arts. I have always found direction and encouragement to discover and explore new tools to transform my life.”

~ D. Fisher Vincennes, Indiana, U.S.A.