Our approach, tools  & techniques...

The InnerSite Program

The InnerSite Program - unique to The Mastery Centre - is designed to offer clients a new perspective on what is really going in their body and life. InnerSite recognizes that most often, what is happening to us is caused by something inside us. However, it also recognizes that, sometimes, what is happening to us is being caused by something outside ourselves. We use muscle-reflex testing and/or pendulum together with the InnerSite menu to find out where the clients energy is being affected and in what way.

InnerSite sessions always include a suite of tools and techniques that our clients can take away and work with to help themselves on their personal journey.

Coaching is the tool that forms the primary thread of every InnerSite session. Blended into that are the energy techniques which are the most effective for the particular circumstance. The primary energy techniques we use are:

  • Intuitive Perception and Energy Diagnosis (as taught by the Stillpoint School of Advanced Energy Healing ™).
  • Feng Shui - the energy of sacred spaces.
  • Breath Work.
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT) - also known as tapping.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) - also known as tapping.
  • Simple Energy Routines (as taught by Donna Eden).

Our Approach

The approach we take at The Mastery Centre respects each clients’ unique life journey, there is no “cookie-cutter” approach, and no two InnerSite sessions are alike.

We take the approach that the client is responsible for their own health. We are not medical practitioners, neither do we “prescribe” anything. If ever we feel that a client requires some other expert assistance or their personal situation is beyond our scope we declare that up front and we will do our best to recommend alternatives. We are often asked “how many sessions will it take…?” to which the answer is “we can’t tell you that”, because yours is a very personal journey of discovery. Profound healing can sometimes occur in a single session and sometimes it can take many sessions.

Our sessions are completely confidential and no information of any confidential nature is shared without the express written permission of the client. This also extends to couples and families. Information will not be shared between couples or family members without express permission. Our only objective here is to create a space for our clients where they can feel safe and without fear of judgment or criticism.

Our objective in any InnerSite session is to teach our clients how to get a different perspective on what is going on in their body and life. A very simple example of this might be when someone complains of a headache. Most often a person will reach for analgesics to make the pain go away. However, at the Mastery Centre we ask people to look at this from a different point of view: maybe they have not consumed enough water and are dehydrated; maybe they are dealing with a difficult decision and can’t make up their mind. There may be many reasons why they have a headache and finding out why is a glorious learning opportunity. In response to this we also teach our clients the simple tools they can take away and use whenever another similar situation arises. This way they do not become dependent on us but can take their own power back.